A dialogue between bodies, architectures and urban vibrations


Duration: 40 minuts

Choreography: Masako Matsushita

Musics: Mugen Yahiro

Digital Creation: Xavier Boissarie e Tomek Jarolim


Co-Production: Operaestate Festival/CSC, Orbe Paris, ICK Dans Amsterdam, HOLONIC SYSTEMS, C-DaRe Centre for Dance Research Coventry University, Nanou Associazione Culturale

Developed as part of Shape It, a project funded by Creative Europe

VIBES #3 is an exploratory journey to reconnect body & mind through the awakening of the senses and attention to the others. Participants are individually guided through distinct body and sound states generating a collective experience in the urban space.

VIBES develops a multi-skilled international research, focusing on involving citizens/audiences in a shared participatory dance experience, promoting cultural and linguistic diversity, engaging in new innovative ways through two levers: the media, and the public space. VIBES is choreographic and audio collective performance, seeking to make people, not knowing each other, to meet in a unique dance performance, guided through protocols designed by choreographers, musicians/composers, designers and transmitted through mobile telephones and headphones, in public spaces.

VIBES #3 offers the rare opportunity to meet again, reconnect with a living and vibrant community, share emotions and energies, after a long period of stress, for bodies and collective experiences.

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