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Genre Dance / audio visual Installation Choreography A MasIng Productions (Masako Matsushita & Ingvild Isaksen) Dancers Julie Rasmussen and Hilde I. Sandvold Film Maker and Sound collaborator Morten Arnfred


produced by Sånafest Festival with the support of DE.MO./Movin'UP II session 2016 and promoted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and GAI – Association for the Touring of Young Artists.

A MasIng Productions invites the audience to a refreshing perspective on the environment in which we are located in, through their piece LAND SKAP. The duo experiments with how we observe movements and objects and what gets the focus through our and others’ choices. What lives in the landscapes surrounding us and what are beyond its borders?

LAND SKAP vol.1 is especially designed for each place it is performed. The video and images shows LAND SKAP at Garntørka in Son during Sånafest 2017, which was the premiere.