UN/DRESS | Moving Painting


Chreography Masako Matsushita Sound artist Federico Moschetti Assistant production Paolo Paggi Thanks to the support of Gabriella Biancotto, Lesley Millar, AMAT Residency at Teatro Sperimentale, Teatro Persiani, Naturalmente Sana Selected for the NID Platform 2019 and Aerowaves Twenty20

Masako Matsushita's solo is an enquiry into the role of feminine clothing and the body in modern society. Focusing on “cloth migration”, she describes a natural way of dressing and undressing. Strongly present and at the same time absent, the body is the central point of unification, an isthmus which connects and amplifies horizons indicating a crossover. UN/DRESS is a metaphorical performance arising from the fusion of body and object within a moving painting.

Additional acknowledgments UN/DRESS is mentioned in two academic publications in UK: Acts of Undressing Politics, Erotism, and Discarded Clothing by Barbara Brownie, Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication all’Università di Hertfordshire UK, pubblished by Bloomsbury Academic Publishers 2016 The Erotic Cloth: Seduction and Fetishism in Textiles by Lesley Millar and Alice Kettle Bloomsbury Publishing 2018.